We recently embarked on updating our website. How hard could it be? We don’t want a complicated site so we’re not going to have too much content to generate are we? Gosh… and then we got started.

Writing copy for a website is not as easy as it may seem. Some find it very easy to write pages and pages about what they do and how they do it. Is that what your potential prospects want to know though? Is that what they are buying?

We are great advocates, well raving fans actually, of Simon Sinek who is one of the top TED Talk speakers. He talks about how great companies all do their marketing differently. A very clear message, is that ‘people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’.

Think about it – are people buying the ‘treatment’ or are they actually buying the result? Yes, of course the treatment (In Simon’s terms the ‘what’) is important and needs to be referred to BUT the patient is more interested in what that’s going to do for them – get them better, get them out of pain, get them on the racetrack again, have a better quality of life…where does the focus of your message lie on your website?

Have a look at this short clip of Simon Sinek’s TED talk:

His book ‘Start With Why’ is another great source of inspiration (See the link for the book as one of my favourites on my team profile page)

Top Tips to create your website content:

  • Map out an outline of all the pages you want on your site
  • Create a timeline chunking done the pages you’ll do when
  • Re-cycle material you already have
  • Review it from the eyes of your potential prospects
  • Engage a copywriter to tweak or create your copy if creative writing is not one of your strengths
  • Remember that perfection is the enemy of completion

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