Perhaps it is time to really look at the model of your practice and how it works for you. Sadly, there are too many practitioners who excitedly start a practice and then months or years down the line realise the model just doesn’t work for them and their passion becomes a grind. It doesn’t have to be that way

Let’s look at it in three key areas to start with:

Time: Are you spending your time on the things you want to be doing? Here I want you to think about how happy you are about both the amount of time you are spending in the practice and the things that you are spending your time on when in the practice.

Energy: How is the practice affecting your energy levels? Here I want you to think about how much time you get to invest in things that give you joy and increase your energy levels and also what or who drains your energy.

Money: Are you happy with the money you are making from your practice? Here I want you to give yourself permission to make a decent living and reap the rewards for being a business owner. Consider not just what you NEED from the practice but what you WANT so that you can realise your personal dreams, whether that is being financially stable, being able to send your children to private school or going on fabulous family vacations. You do deserve it…

Now let’s look at some other areas of your model:

Patients: Are you happy with the type of patients you attract into your practice and the fee you charge? (I’d suggest a large percentage of readers are probably under-charging…) Take a look at the percentage of patients who are insurance or other third-party patients compared to self-payers. Is the effort worth the fee?

Take a look at the source of patients. If you run lots of offers or facebook ads, are you really getting a good return? And ultimately, do you enjoy treating the patients you are attracting into your clinic?

Team: Are you happy with the team you have and how they work together? Whilst many of you will know I favour the employed model, I do have clients who have clinics that run well on the self-employed model. At the end of the day, a successful team will come down to the people you take on and how you manage / lead / motivate / inspire them.

But it is important that the employment and remuneration model works for the business and the team member, legally, financially and fairly. Do your current contractual arrangements and team management processes work for you?

Operations: Does your clinic run like clockwork? Are you happy with how everything runs in your practice? Do you have visibility of all the key data you need to make decisions? If you feel like you are constantly fire-fighting you probably need better systems, processes and / or people in place.

We hope the above has given you food for thought. We also hope it helps you start analysing your model and making necessary changes so that your practice works for you and not just the other way around!

If you need help with this, our strategy sessions are a great start. We will help you get clear about your short and long-term goals. We will look at all the different elements of your business and put together a clear plan for the next twelve months. Get in touch to book your strategy session.

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