Coaching Services

Our business coaching sessions can take place face-to-face, over Zoom or Skype, or over the phone, depending on your preferences and needs.

“Celia really shows you how to work on your business and just not in it! We are now empowered and enthusiastic to build our brand and our identity in the North East of Scotland.”

Emma Louise Emmerson

Introductory Chat

In order to ascertain which team member is right for you, the first step will be to have a chat with Celia.
You will then be connected with the best business coach for you and you will start by having a complimentary chat to discuss you needs in more detail.

Coaching Sessions

In your initial session, you and your coach will explore your challenges, opportunities and goals in detail and identify what is required from the coaching sessions to support you.

Your coach will prepare for each session and reflect on your progress and outcomes, sharing resources / contacts where appropriate, so that the sessions are of the highest quality and you gain the greatest value from your coaching.

You and your coach might decide on additional support outside of the formal coaching sessions e.g. quick 5-minute chats if necessary, email support or you providing regular updates to your coach between sessions.

All coaching sessions are confidential. What is discussed with your coach is not discussed with anyone else without your expressed permission.

Your Commitment

We recommend that you commit financially and mentally to a 6-month coaching programme to start with..

Coaching is not a quick fix – yes, you may have quick wins along the way but, in our experience, coaching is often about identifying new habits to implement alongside creating the business strategy.

Typically, clients start with a couple of sessions every month and after a 3-month period either find that that routine works really well or they have reached a stage where they might push the sessions out to 3 or 4-week intervals.

In order to maintain momentum, we highly recommend having coaching sessions at least once a month.


"Our Practice was at a stage of growth and change and we needed guidance and support and through the coaching we’ve received from Painless Practice that is exactly what we’ve got. The Success Club group meetings are so beneficial. Bev is an excellent coach who gets the interaction flowing within the group and encourages us all to share ideas and helps to provide solutions to any issues we may have. I would recommend Painless Practice to any business, as we have found their coaching and support to be invaluable to us."

Mark - Greenwich Natural Health Centre

“Painless Practice telephone coaching has been integral in supporting and helping me with the changes I have made to my Osteopathic clinic in the last two years. She has enabled me to look at the way I manage my associates therapists and most importantly receptionists taking the stress away, as well as helping me get the work life balance back. In the last two years with her help I have reduced my hours of hands on treating patients and not taken a hit in income which has been a massive boon to both bank account and my ageing body!”

Phillippa Rayne - Bampton Clinic

"Ann has been my Business Coach for around six years. In that time I have successfully created 3 new businesses, one of which has just turned over £1m in the last 12 months, and the other two are both in profit and directly employ six individuals between them, as well as outsourcing to numerous other individuals and suppliers. Ann has been fundamental to all of this success. I always know that after a coaching session with Ann I will leave with new thinking about how to take myself and/or the businesses forward."

H. Griffiths - Herts

"The ability to talk things through in a non-judgemental environment helped me to work through what was important to me, and the direction I want to take my business. Fiona is very supportive and I have found our sessions invaluable. I now feel much more focussed on and in control Since working with Fiona I have had my most successful 2 months ever."

Sue McCall - Osteopath

"The ability to talk things through in a non-judgemental environment helped me to work through what was important to me, and the direction I want to take my business. Fiona is very supportive and I have found our sessions invaluable. I now feel much more focussed on and in control Since working with Fiona I have had my most successful 2 months ever."

Sue McCall - Osteopath

"In James and Painless Practice I found the perfect business partner: always there to point out and debate the array of alternatives, whilst still allowing me that all important final decision! And where running my business had once started to feel lonely and thankless, with James’ support and encouragement, the original enthusiasm returned. I cannot recommend James, Celia and the Painless Practice team highly enough."

Anne Roebuck - Physio, London

"Excellent speaker – very specific and useful, thank you!"

Tracy B - London

"Lots to think about and plenty of tips that can be used in clinic tomorrow."

Deborah Smith - Bedfordshire

"I found the workshop helpful with ways to approach patients with referrals and ways of encouraging them to return. I would love to attend a workshop to grow more in confidence with more of these topics. This evening was fun and very interactive. Celia presented really well and used great examples to help us understand ways to improve our weaknesses."

Cemi Rule - Osteopath

"There was a fun, interactive, safe environment in which we were able to discuss highs and lows and experiences in the workplace. This was an excellent way to learn and share ideas and alternative responses to situations."

Jessica D'Souza

"Thank you, Celia. You have again delivered a very informative and interesting workshop. I’m feeling more confident about asking for referrals now with the strategies you have introduced. Can you now please do something about my handwriting?"

Jason Pinny - Osteopath

"I get great support and ideas from the rest of the group. Sharing our experiences – and celebrating everyone’s successes – is very empowering."

John Yeboah - Osteopath

“You immediately understood the challenges our business was facing – and quickly got to the heart of what was holding it back.”

Stuart Paterson - Physiotherapist

“The process has been incredibly valuable. An investment of £5,000 over a year has resulted in our turnover increasing by 30%.”

Simon - Chiropractor

"Painless Practice got me to the point where I knew I wanted to sell the business and helped me gain the maximum from it.”

Janet Bell - Osteopath

“I’m so glad you encouraged me to share my workload. My kids love me being at home more. And so does my horse!”

Lynda Pedley - Physiotherapist

“I knew I needed to get the best out of my associates for the clinic to prosper. The coaching sessions were a real turning point – for me and for the team.”

Steve - Osteopath

Your Investment

Virtual coaching session: £100 plus VAT

Face-to-face coaching session: £250 plus travel plus VAT


Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have suspended all face-to-face meetings.

We feel it’s important that we are still able to support our clients, particularly with the increased difficulties being faced in the current climate, so we have now replaced face-to-face services with online meetings.

We will continue to work in this way until it is safe to go back to meeting face-to-face. 

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