Mastery Programme Membership

Our fundamental aim is to help you apply your already honed clinical skills to your business.

As a clinician, you will be assessing, diagnosing and treating your patients on a daily basis to help them to achieve their desired outcomes.  This may be getting them back to, or keeping them doing the things they love, or improving their quality of life.

You deserve to have the rewards and freedom you desire from being a business owner!

We will help you apply your clinical skills to your business: 

The Practitioner Journey Explained

Having ourselves worked in this sector for many years, we have seen the journey that practitioners have taken time and time again, often with very similar patterns of disillusionment over a period of time.

You may have started with a dream of being able to help people and will have decided to take action and study to become a clinician.  You will have been motivated by the amazingly positive impact you will have had on your patients lives.

Once having qualified, and perhaps worked for someone else for a number of years, you then might have had the aspiration of owning your own clinic.  

It looks easy enough and you’ve worked out that you can have more freedom by not having to answer to anyone else and you will be financially better off. So you go for it! 

And then reality kicks in… you are soon immersed in the challenges of running a clinic and you realise being a great clinician isn’t enough. You need to develop your business skills.

At this point the help available might seem overwhelming and confusing.  You might even have got your fingers burnt by investing in ‘too good to be true’ marketing ideas. 

Joining the Clinic Owners Business Club’s Mastery Programme, led by experienced business professionals, will ensure that you focus on the right things in the right way to achieve the outcome you desire.

If you’d like to learn more, or discuss whether the Mastery Programme is right for you, book a call with us! 


If you think the Mastery Programme sounds like it could be a good fit for you, book a call with us now!

Do you want:

Your practice to be more profitable and easier to manage

Less stress

To feel super organised 

More time to do the things you love

To feel more energetic about your business and life in general

A business that runs like clockwork

A team that works well together and delivers amazing service

To provide better support to your team to make them feel valued and secure

To understand business finances better to gain more financial security

To have a saleable business

What’s Covered in the Programme?

How Does it Work?


Below you’ll find a list of everything that’s included each month in the Mastery Programme. 

If you aren’t able to make any of the live sessions, they will be recorded and made accessible for you to view at any time. 

3 Hour Group Strategy Session

Facebook Community

Access to all Friday Focus Workshops

1-2-1 Coaching Session

Weekly Live Q&A

Accountability System

Book Club Evening

Expert Interviews

Progress Tracker

If you’d like to learn more about any of the elements of the programme, book a call:

What Will I Learn?

Here’s a taste of the Mastery Programme module content

Your Practice Assessment

  • Clarity of performance and direction

Clear vision, purpose and values 

Define culture and tone 

Clear business road map 

Improvement tracker in place

Accountability system keeping you on track 

Rewired belief system


  • Gaining a crystal clear understanding of your numbers 

Creating a bottom-up budget based on needs and wants 

Reading and interpreting your balance sheet 

Reading and interpreting your profit and loss

Creating a cashflow forecast

Creating a budgeting system

Creating a forward order book 

Understanding monthly management accounts 

Defining Your Assets

  • Having a clear service and product offering 

Understanding how to create packages 

Confidently implementing pricing models 

Changing your environment in line with your values and client feedback 

Outlining all of the roles required in your practice 

Implementing and using key performance indicators to manage your assets 

Defining and Delivering Your New Patient Journey

  • Clearly outlining the patient journey for your ideal client

Understanding how to convert patients to buy into your best recommendations 

Knowing how to convey the importance of sticking with the treatment plan 

Understanding how to design a transformational treatment plan 

Keeping in touch and following up strategies 

Identifying and mapping out processes to meet and exceed client expectations 

Getting your team to consistently deliver exceptional client care


  • Outlining job descriptions for each role

Outlining skills and attitudes for each role 

Understanding the interview process 

Identifying interview questions

Evaluating different remuneration models  

Evaluating different contract types

Defining career progression opportunities


  • Defining current reality and future desired leadership style

Removing tolerations 

Learning what really motivates people 

Eliminating mate versus manager conflict 

Mastering the art of listening to your team 

Understanding how to show genuine appreciation 

Understanding the different personality types 

Adapting your communication style 

Learning how to have powerful conversations 

Creating leaders 

Planning for succession 

Risks and Liabilities

  • Identifying key risks

Putting a mitigation plan in place

Identifying risk reduction milestones

Creating a professional and legal compliance checklist 

Identifying strategies to work with your risk threshold 

Looking at exit strategy stepping stones


Walking in Your Patients’ Shoes

  • Your purchasing journey and insights 

Defining your patient journey

Moments of truth

The story brand overview 

Defining the character in your journey 

Deeply understanding your characters problems 

Feedback required and collected

Feedback questions 

Maximising positive reviews

Communication, Sales and Marketing

  • Personalising your communication

Deeply understanding your ideal client

Defining content and relationship strategies

Implementing and executing a marketing calendar 

Developing a consistent flow of patients 

Enhancing the relationships with value-adds

Implementing an 80/20 marketing process 

Business Administration, Systems and Processes 

  • Defining your key role in the practice

Identifying administrative systems and processes to implement 

Identifying which admin procedures you should not be doing

Identifying the best person/outsourced service to delegate tasks to 

Understanding how to delegate effectively and confidently 

Creating a business admin checklist


Team Journey

  • Understanding how to create an environment where the team is engaged, feels supported and delivers excellent client care

Defining on-boarding and induction processes

Setting training, objectives and key results 

Understanding how to have motivational 1-2-1’s

Evaluating different reward systems 

Understanding how to deal with poor performance 

Being a pro-active entrepreneur

  • Conducting a 12 month review

Revising and redefining goals for your business

Creating a future focus plan of action 

Dealing with shiny object syndrome 

Looking at self-care: the oxygen mask principle plan 

Implementing boundaries

Looking at The ONE Thing plan 



I’m so glad I’m part of the Mastery Programme – it’s really given me confidence to push forwards and I’ve benefited so much for your advice

Katie Price

Speech and Language Therapist, The Mosaic Practice

What Happens Next?

Once you have made the commitment to join, you will receive a client questionnaire to complete to help us deliver the best experience for you throughout the Mastery Programme.

You will also receive a schedule of dates and times so that you can block out your diary to attend the different elements of the programme.

You will be invited to the Mastery Programme Facebook Group so that you can introduce yourself and start getting to know other members on the Mastery programme!

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