I often have conversations with clinic owners who want to sell their practices and so often their first ‘impressive’ statistic they share is how many patients they have on their database.
It always get me thinking about what the main focus on the development of the practice has been over the years.
Has that focus perhaps been too much on quantity rather than quality? Too much on big shiny ideas rather than small consistent steps?
Here’s some food for thought…
What is your database telling you? 
Whether you are looking at buying or selling you’ll be looking at the same information in order to negotiate a good deal.
As a seller you’d be wise to think about these things long before you want to sell. As a buyer, don’t immediately get stars in your eyes by the 10 000 plus patients in the filing cabinet.
Improve your active patient percentage
The more active patients you have on your database the more valuable it is.
Some clinics consider an active patient as one who has a next appointment booked whilst others consider an active patient as someone who has been to the clinic over the last year or two.
However you decide to measure your active patient percentage you’ll need to take steps to maintain or improve it.
It’s the small stuff that counts
Clinic owners are often tempted by expensive marketing ideas to grow their practice instead of focusing on developing what they already have.
They are drawn in by the very talented salesmen who promise the world in exchange for a hefty sum of money and they often end up being disappointed by the results and frustrated at having spent so much money for such little return
What small steps do you need to focus on daily / weekly / monthly to improve your percentage of active patients?
Here are some ideas:
  • Giving your patients an outline of your recommendation – not just verbal!
  • Regular email newsletters, blogs or vlogs
  • Reminders – cards, text or emails
  • Celebration cards or emails
  • Following up on cancellations
Whatever you decide to do it’s important to actually do it and do it consistently
Don’t be one of those clinic owners who decides someday is when you’ll do it…there’s no such day as someday in the working week!
We have loads of ideas to help you improve your percentage of active patients.
How can we help you? Is it time for some coaching or to attend one of our courses or perhaps join a Success Club? Email me!

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