As we start the New Year it is a good time to set some goals that you’d like to achieve in the coming year and even in the longer term.


It’s then vitally important to set out exactly what you’re going to do to get the results you desire.
Below are some tips to get you started but do see the events listed below as well.
We will be running Planning and Implementation courses in various locations over the next few months which gives you the perfect opportunity to get help putting your plan in place and get great ideas from others!
Have a business strategy in place
As the old saying goes ‘Fail to plan and plan to fail’ We recommend getting crystal clear on what you want to achieve and commit it to paper or your favourite digital format.
  • Start with the end in mind: Know what you personally want in all aspects of your life, now and in the future so that you can pro-actively work to create what you want now and work towards what you want in the future
  • Be very clear and passionate about the purpose of your practice
  • Identify your core values – being consciously clear about these will give you a point of reference for everything you do and decide
  • Once you know what you want, map out the steps to get there
  • Keep the plan simple and user friendly
Turning plans into actions
A plan without action is just a dream. In order for you to achieve your vision, be clear about what needs to be done by who and by when.
  • Give yourself and your team key milestones with timeframes
  • Be clear about what your focus needs to be – choose the ONE THING each day/week/month to concentrate on and implement
  • Delegate or ditch the things you know you should not be doing
  • Take time to document processes and procedures
  • Make the most of your 86400 seconds each day!

Why not now come along to one of our upcoming events and renew your focus and motivation to create the practice and life you desire!

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