Are you a planner or a doer?


As a planner, you might thrive off making lists & plans for what to do. You might find that every time you have a spare moment to work on your practice, you take the opportunity to write a new list. Often, this can mean that when the time to work on your practice runs out and you have to go back to treating patients, you’ve not actually achieved anything on the list. And, as someone who loves planning, the next opportunity you have to work on your practice you might be tempted to write another list. This can mean that you never find the time to execute your plan.


If you’re a doer, chances are you won’t have a list or plan in place, so when it comes to the time to work on your practice, you might just get started on whatever task is shouting loudest to you. This can often lead to you feeling like you’re super busy all the time but never seem to get anything done. We know how frustrating it can feel, you might feel like you’re spending all your time ‘firefighting’ and are therefore not able to move closer to achieving your goals.

The Challenge

Many practice owners struggle to find the time to work on their business, and not just in it. This means that it’s so important that when you do get to work on your practice, you are using your time efficiently, so it’s important that you find the right balance between creating a plan and actually executing it.

Our Recommendations

Plan First…

Start off by putting a plan in place for the next 12 months, then break this down into quarters so that you have goals to achieve every 3 months. Then, once a week, look at your goals and identify some key activities that you need to go to get closer to reaching them. Put a plan in place for what activities you are going to do over the next week.

Then Execute!

When it comes to the time you have allocated to working on your business, you’ll be able to get straight into doing whatever tasks you have planned.

We hope that this advice helps you to become more productive and enables you to make more progress in working towards achieving your goals!

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