Anyone who has travelled to Africa and spent time in the bush, going on game drives in the hope of seeing the Big Five, will know the feeling of excitement, anticipation and shear joy in spotting all or even just any one of the Big Five. That experience together with ticking off a big personal bucket list item prompted me to share some thoughts that I hope will be helpful to all our readers, whether personally or in business.

Know what you want

There will always be a degree of luck in life and business, whether that’s good luck or bad luck, but we are also able to define our destiny and move towards it. Whether it is setting business goals or life goals, being clear about what you want is the first step. After that we can start defining what we need to have in place to make it happen and map out the actions we need to take.

We wanted to have an amazing family holiday and we wanted to see the Big Five. What do you want from your practice? What is on your bucket list? Have you recorded it somewhere or is it floating about in your head?


The different animal species seems to naturally work well as a team and different species work well together too. You will often find wildebeest and zebras together – whereas wildebeest jump blindly and hope for the best, the zebra is better at detecting crocodiles and therefore evading predation. In order to survive, both the zebra and the wildebeest must migrate to find food.

Being on a self-catering bush holiday with 11 people meant we needed to divide and conquer so that the workload was spread, we played to everyone’s strengths and the jobs no one liked were shared. Everyone had a common purpose – to have an amazing holiday. Great teamwork contributed a very successful first ‘blended’ family holiday!

Who do you need around you to protect you from making rash decisions like the wildebeest? How well do you work as a team, whether in your practice or at home?

Patience and perseverance

In addition to the Big Five, we all wanted to see giraffe which, at first, were nowhere to be found! For a few of us, having been to the same game reserve several years before and having seen giraffes every day that we were there, it was frustrating.

Having patience and not giving up paid off and we were rewarded with seeing giraffes in their natural habitat and then also ended up having a very close encounter with a giraffe at the Lion Park in Johannesburg.

What feels like it is out of your reach? How could patience and perseverance perhaps take you closer to your goals?

Be in the moment

The past is gone, the future moments have not yet come and yet many people spend most of their time in either of those time zones – reminiscing / regretting the past or wishing for / worrying about the future. The only time zone within which you can make a difference is the presence.

Being in the bush really makes you stay present – it is just so phenomenal being in such close proximity to the most beautiful animals that you can’t help but be completely present and enjoy the moment.

Freeing your brain of clutter and focussing on the one thing you’re doing at that moment generally leads to more enjoyment and better productivity

How often are you really in the moment?

Get excited

The feeling of being excited is wonderful. Going on holiday usually sparks that emotion. When I got back (and once my next holiday was booked!) I was excited to get back into the swing of things and back to business. It got me thinking about how many people actually experience the emotion of excitement when it comes to their work?

Life is too short to not love what you do. If you wake up with anything less than ‘looking forward to the day ahead’ it’s time to reconnect with why you do what you do or quite radically, perhaps, change what you do if it does not ignite your passion!

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