Every day, every hour, every minute we have the opportunity to hit the reset button and change things.

We can choose at any minute to get off the couch and go for a walk or to the gym. We can choose to stop scrolling through the social media feeds and do something more constructive.

You can choose to start running your business proactively instead of going from day to day hoping things will turn out okay (Hope is not a strategy by the way!)

The beginning of each year usually marks one of the biggest opportunities to hit the reset button. You can choose to make 2019 the best year yet.

What key focus do you need to make 2019 the best year yet?

Having a central theme or focus can be really empowering to help you determine the goals you will set to make 2019 the best year yet.

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to consolidate things and make the most of what you already have? Do you want to streamline things? Do you need an overhaul, a refresh, an update?

Knowing what the key end result is that you’d like to achieve makes it easier to decide what needs to be done. It also helps you to say no to distractions disguised as opportunities.

What goals do you need to set to make 2019 the best year yet?

We have noticed a huge difference in outcome when business owners set goals (as in physically record them rather than leaving them swishing around in their head)

The enemy of success is drift and it’s easier to drift when you don’t have clear goals in place. It’s easy to drift away through a day and wonder where it’s gone, the same is true for a year.

Think about the different areas of your business (and life). What would you like to be true about those areas by the end of 2019? Choose the top three or four. What goals do you need to set to make 2019 the best year yet?

What positive habit do you need to adopt to make 2019 the best year yet?

I read somewhere that we don’t decide our future, we decide our habits. Our habits decide our future. If you want 2019 to be your best year yet, what habits do you need to decide to adopt?

These habits may be personal – getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, eating healthier, getting more exercise. Or they may be related to how you run your business. Perhaps you need to get into a habit of doing your numbers. Maybe you need to get into a habit of having more meetings with your team.

We recommend that you don’t try to implement too many habits at once. Choose the key few and give them focus and attention to make them stick.

Choose your focus, set goals and decide on which habits to adopt and make 2019 the best year yet!

If you need help with making 2019 the best year yet we have a special offer on our 3 hour strategy sessions – see below.

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