During the last few months and throughout the lockdown period, we have had many conversations with practitioners. As we emerge from this period it is becoming abundantly clear that the abnormal has indeed transformed into the new normal and is set to remain with us for some time to come.

Initially and understandably  there was much fear about the future. However this fear has transformed into a growth mentality moving us from victim to over-comer mindset, embracing and exploring the new opportunities these difficult circumstances have directed us towards. This has happened at different paces for different people. Some were quick to see this time as an opportunity to make the changes they have desired for some time whilst others have found it a struggle to get their heads around how things will be in the future. Wherever you are in that spectrum, we hope we can help with our thoughts below.

The Services You Offer and the Patients You Serve

Perhaps it is time to take stock of all the different services you offer and the different patient groups you serve. The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) can be uncannily accurate when it comes to looking at effort and return of providing certain services or serving certain patient groups.

Which services make you very little money but take a disproportionate effort to deliver?

Standing Out With Quality

Patients might come to your practice because they are in pain but ultimately they are coming to you to be able to return to their normal day-to-day activities, doing what they love or even improving their ability at certain activities. Along with that they will expect quality. Now is the time to reflect on how you measure and demonstrate that quality so that you can attract more patients to your practice who desire and value your quality service.

How can you improve your measurement and demonstration of quality to stand out and attract your perfect patients?

The Team Around You

Once you have re-evaluated the services you will be offering you will need to think about who is best to deliver those services in terms of practitioners, support staff and outsourced services. Now is also a great time to change the way you manage and lead your team.

Who do you need around you (and what skills and attitude are essential?) to deliver the services you wish to offer?

Your Systems and Equipment

The time wasted on systems and equipment that just don’t work properly can be astronomical! (That computer that takes for ever to boot up! The practice management software system that doesn’t integrate with your other systems) Now is a great time to use frustration to innovate! Think about what frustrates you about all the systems and equipment you have in your practice and seek solutions by improving your current systems or moving to a system that will serve you better.  

What do you need to change or invest in to make working as a team better and serving your patients easier?

We hope that the above gives you food for thought and encouragement to pro-actively design the future practice you desire.

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