Creating content allows your patients to get to know, like and trust you and your team as clinicians.

Planning is Key

When it comes to content creation, one of the most important things is to put a plan in place. Our clients became a therapists because they want to be treating people and helping people, not because they want to be content creators. We often find that as soon as clinic owners get busy, content creation is often the first thing that goes. Having a structure in place is really important so that you just get into a bit of a flow of creating content on a regular basis, helping you to avoid the feast and famine cycle.

Spread the Load

It doesn’t just have to be you as a clinic owner, that’s creating content – it’s something that you can involve your whole team in. When creating your plan, you could allocate tasks to each team member, so the load is more evenly spread.

Content Ideas

If you’re struggling to think of content, we recommend brain-dumping everything that comes to mind. Often, you’ll be surprised how many ideas you actually have. It might be helpful to think about your content on a seasonal basis, so for example, in the winter months you could post tips around winter sport injuries. Once you’ve exhausted all of these, you could visit this website which lists all the different awareness days and weeks – there are tons of them! Another great site to get content ideas from is Answer the Public, which gives you the most popular Google searches for key terms. For example, you could type in ‘Back Pain’ and it would come up with the questions that people type into Google about back pain. You can use this as a starting point for your content. This will also help with your search engine optimisation. Don’t be afraid to make some more personal content too – as we said, content creation is about helping existing and potential patients get to know and trust you, so show them a bit of your and your team’s personality. 

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