Your patients come to you for the benefits of the treatment you provide, not the actual treatment.

Imagine a patient has injured his knee playing golf. He doesn’t come to you because he wants to purchase 6 physio treatments (for example), he comes to your clinic because he wants his pain to be reduced, and he wants to be able to get back to playing golf. So, when you speak to this patient, rather than going into the technicalities of the treatments that you offer, you should, first and foremost, be communicating with him that you will be able to help him get back to playing golf.

It makes sense then, that all your marketing and messaging is focused on communicating the benefits of the treatments you offer, rather than the treatments themselves.

In order to really connect with your audience, you should ensure that you are showing your patients and potential patients that you identify with them and the pains that they’re experiencing. It’s important to note that when we talk about ‘pains’, these aren’t just the physical pains, but emotional ones. Think of the golfer. Yes, he may be in physical pain from the injury to his knee, but he’ll also be experiencing emotional pain about the fact he can’t play golf. By recognising this, and communicating how you will be able to help him getting back to playing golf, you will connect with the patient better.

So, before going into the technical details of the treatments you offer, the qualifications you have, and how experienced you are, it’s so important to be able to communicate to patients and potential patients the benefits they’ll get from coming to you. We’re not saying that your qualifications and experience aren’t important, because of course they are. All we’re saying is that it’s important before going into those technical details to connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level by letting them know you understand their pains, and that you have a solution to them.

So, we’d really encourage you to go and look at your messaging in all areas that you are visible to your patients, and check that the message you’re putting across is about your patients, how you identify with them, and the benefits you can bring to them, rather than about you, your qualifications and your experience.

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