Life can change in a flash and it’s at times like the very recent Manchester terror attack that the cliché ‘Life’s too short, make the most of it’ makes us really think. We can however all too easily soon slip back into the day-to-day routine, some of which serves us well but some of which might not be. Here are a few insights and themes to think about in the context of your life and business.

It’s not all about the end

We are extremely passionate about getting our clients to ‘start with the end in mind’, a phrase coined by Stephen Covey, author of ‘Seven habits of highly effective people’. Whilst we love helping our clients set short and long term goals and working towards them, we are just as passionate about helping our clients ensure that they enjoy the journey along the way. What do you need to add to or remove from your daily routine?

Don’t sweat the small stuff

In Richard Carlson’s book, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff – and it’s all small stuff’ he brings the trivia of a lot of our day to day into the bright daylight. I love his reference to the fact that our inbox won’t be empty when we die. Live each day as if it’s your last is another nugget from his book. We can easily fill our days with things we think are important but in the bigger scheme of things aren’t important at all. What are the small things in your practice or in your life that are blown out of proportion right now?

Big rocks first

Many of you might have seen a version of the YouTube clip of someone putting sand, then pebbles and then rocks into a glass vase – the rocks don’t all fit in. Yet when you do it in the reverse (rocks then pebbles and then sand) all rocks go in, the pebbles do and so does the sand (and in one version so does a pint of beer because there is always time for a beer!) If the rocks represent the most important things in your life e.g. relationships, health, working on the practice not in it, what do you need to give more priority too?

Stop tolerating

Sometimes ‘tolerating’ seems the easier thing to do. Not many people enjoy confrontation and that’s what is usually needed, whether it’s being honest with yourself or others, to get rid of or change whatever it is you are tolerating. If only we could bottle that feeling of freedom and enormous relief that follows facing our tolerations. What are you tolerating in your personal life and/or practice and what brave conversation do you need to have?


No matter what your circumstance there is always something to be grateful for. When my husband committed suicide two and a half years ago my sister would call me each day and get me to tell her three things I was grateful for. Some days it was so hard to get beyond the barrier of grief and pain but it was one of the things that made each day a little easier. The more gratitude expressed the more and more one seems to receive to be grateful for and the more positive life feels. I challenge you to start a gratitude diary – it’s a great way to start and end each day. Let the law of attraction do its magic!

We hope you find the thoughts above useful and if we can support you through your journey, please do get in touch! How can we help you make the most of your 86400 seconds each day?

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