For many, life and running a practice seems to just get busier and busier – so many opportunities to take advantage of, challenges (often only perceived as challenges) to overcome and just everyday life and business stuff to fit in. KISS is an acronym we often use in workshops and with our coaching clients and indeed often rings in our own ears when life gets crazy – it stands for Keep it simple stupid. Let’s see how we can help you this month to simplify things, achieve your vision and enjoy what you do.

Be very clear about what you want

We can’t re-iterate this often enough. Knowing what you really want allows you to plan and make the best use of your resources. What do you want to be true in every area of your life and business within a chosen timescale? You’ll find several exercises in our book to help you figure it out if you’re not sure what you really want.

Start with a time and motion study

It is very easy to go day to day, week to week, month to month filling our time and wondering why our to-do list is not getting any shorter. Pausing for a moment and spending time doing an analysis of how you spend your time can be really worthwhile and revealing. If you’re looking for an App to help you analyse how you spend your time, try using toggl.

Do, ditch, delegate

Once you’ve done a time and motion study you’ll be in a good position to decide what areas you need to keep focussing on, what you need to ditch and what you need to delegate. Ask yourself if the things you spend time on need to actually be done and if they do, are you really the right person to be doing them?

Do you have shiny object syndrome?

I am the first one to put my hand up and admit that I need to be very mindful of my ‘shiny object syndrome’ I love new ideas and I am prone to being a starter of lots of things and a finisher of fewer. Knowing this and the fact that there are only 24 hours in the day, I have a shiny object syndrome box where potential ideas are stored to either delegate, ditch or do at a later stage.

Do you suffer from FOMO?

Funny how one acronym makes another spring to mind! FOMO, fear of missing out, is definitely something to be conscious of if you fall into the FOMO camp. Are you potentially filling up your 24 hours a day with lots of meetings / events / activities that are not the best use of your time and have an appeal for the wrong reasons?

Embrace systems & technology

Lastly, have systems in place so that tasks are done correctly and in the most efficient manner. And make the best use of the latest technology available. Do you often get frustrated with a slow computer? Upgrade! That can save masses of time. Do you have the most suitable software packages for the functionality you need and the information you need to quickly retrieve? What needs to change or be upgraded in your practice?

We hope that some of the ideas about have given you some food for thought and will help you to simply things and amplify your success and enjoyment! If you would find it useful, we would be delighted to support you through the process. Do get in touch and find out how we can help you.

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