What are yours?

Growing Up

When we were younger and growing up our parents and teachers gave us a set of rules to behave within.

Perhaps it was around the time you went to bed, the food you HAD to eat (finish your vegetables…) or the food that was only for special occasions  (not many children are allowed to eat sweets every day!) We had deadlines for homework and we had times we had to do exercise in our PE classes

These rules were not put in place to be mean. They were there to protect us, nourish us and make sure we grew up healthy, balanced and respectful.

What serves you best?

Going into adulthood, suddenly you are no longer accountable to anyone and can really do as you wish. If you work for someone you have a level of accountability to get things done but in terms of self-care you will most likely not have someone ensuring you’re doing the best thing for you.

In the therapy world this problem can be exasperated because you are a caring profession and always put your patients first. So many therapists reach burnout because they are constantly squeezing patients in, end up doing paperwork into the night and have very little time for themselves.

You need to be the best version of yourself to be able to continue serving your patients. If you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and just don’t seem to be getting things done, STOP. Pause and think about what rules you need in your life. Think of a time when you felt your best. What was different? Were you exercising more? Was your diet healthier? Were you getting better sleep? Were you taking time to just switch off and be?

Who are you accountable to?

Accountability can come in various different forms. Whilst you can be accountable to yourself, being accountable to others can work for many people.

Perhaps your family can help you with being accountable for exercise, diet or bedtime. A friend of mine and I set up challenges on our apple watches which helps us both make sure we fit exercise into our day. You might set up a buddy system with a colleague to report in each week

Of course it would be remiss of me not to mention having a coach! Whilst we are a business coaching and consulting business, personal life coaching comes into our sessions with our clients and we love supporting our clients to be the best version of themselves so that they love their work and achieve their vision. We have our wonderful supportive success clubs and mastery programme too where the members support each other.

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