Success Club 

Our Success Clubs bring together groups of individuals to support each other in the development of their practices.

We meet for a day once a quarter to discuss all things non-clinical. The day includes discussing everyone’s challenges and opportunities, a framework or idea to implement in your practice and sharing of resources, such as book recommendations, podcasts, business tools or thrid party introductions.

The Success Club provides:
Covering new ideas and the best way to implement them
Support from us and the rest of the group during and in between sessions
Momentum and accountability to keep you on track

£200 per person per session

(subject to Ts&Cs)

“I get great support and ideas from the rest of the group. Sharing our experiences – and celebrating everyone’s successes – is very empowering.”

“The Success Club has got me doing things I should have done 15 years ago. Implementing them is improving my patient experience and I’m seeing good results. It’s made my vision clearer and achievable.”


If you have any questions get in touch with us on 01491 659073 or email us on and we’ll be in touch asap.

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